a RAN analytics adventure

Network configuration intelligence

systematically maximises ROI via human-in-the-loop analytics


QNET Digital RAN

Reimagines today's RAN configuration via analytics

  • Out of box multi-vendor analytics 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • Transforms all engineering use cases
  • Scalable, repeatable and data-centric
  • RAN data engineering pipeline ready
  • Time-series configuration KPI analysis
  • Best-in-class visualisation designed for Tableau


Augments optimisation with selective AI enablement

  • RAN ML feature engineering
  • Ranking/scoring for network features and capacity
  • Config replacement recommendations through context clustering
  • Traffic utilisation forecasting
  • Configuration alignment through context-based clustering 


Practical steps to RAN analytics mastery

  • Introduction to RAN engineering analytics
  • Foundation method for RAN analytics
  • How to selectively apply AI/ML in RAN 
  • In-house skills development

With interactive RAN engineering dashboards

For any audience from engineers to executives

Understandable and measurable

Rich Use-Case Visualisation

  • Visualise RAN configuration with KPI
  • Build your use cases through storyboards

Business Case Reporting

  • Dashboards that show business case value
  • Easily tailored to different audiences

Flexible Interface

  • Schedule and auto-refreshed reporting
  • Programmatic user API for those custom dashboards

CAPEX avoidance

Squeeze every last bit of capacity out of your network through machine-guided recommendations

OPEX reduction

Expand the number of RAN use cases that have realisable business value in 75% less engineering time

Revenue through quality

Improve the bottom 25% of the network using analytics to increase overall service quality


2G, 3G,4G and 5G configuration is transformed into analytically driven data patterns. This means almost ANY use case can be built, visualised and correlated with KPI with no coding.

And then reported against a business case and examined against a timeline.

RAN Optimisation

  • Inter/Intra node neighbour relationships
  • Power audits
  • Remote electrical tilts
  • Planning alignment (scrambling, PCI)
  • Custom use cases

Network Consistency

  • Network modelling & layer strategy
  • Multi-baseline consistency
  • Multi-site special events
  • Multi-dependency optimisation (railways, tunnels, borders, NB-IOT)

5G & RAT Interoperability

  • 5G interop consistency with 4G
  • NSA uplink/downlink alignment
  • Inter-RAT neighbour alignments
  • Pico, Femto, Small Cells support


Multi Vendor Alignment

  • Inter-vendor consistency
  • Inter-vendor neighbour alignments
  • Vendor parameter release management
  • Side-by-side RAN vendor comparison


Deployment & Upgrades

  • Network rollout history & quality vs SLA
  • Software upgrade timeline & quality vs SLA
  • Site on-air/off-air
  • New site parameter alignment
  • Decommissioning progress

Network Trends

  • Selective feature comparison against KPI over 30-180 days
  • Layer configuration performance
  • Multi-dimensional configuration KPI (MIMO sites, small cells)
  • Network parameter changes against KPI

Feature Engineering

  • Feature labelling
  • Rule-based tagging
  • Sequence labelling
  • Configuration labelling
  • Geo-spatial distance labelling

Machine Analysis

  • Maching-based scoring & ranking
  • Capacity throughput and congestion scoring
  • Hardware utilisation correlation
  • Power utilisation correlation

Machine Prediction

  • Baseband Congestion
  • Layer Configuration Prediction
  • Selective configuration replacement recommendations